Extension form should be submitted two weeks before a deadline. Please do not expect consideration of your form within 2-3 days. If you were granted an extention, please send your essay to master-ihl@europa-uni.de You will not be able to upload your essay on Moodle after a deadline.

Please upload proofs to support your reasons. If an original document (proof) is not in German, English, Russian or Spanish languagues, please provide uncertified translation.

According to the IHL Degree Regulations § 22, students in the Master’s Programme must undertake an internship in the third semester. The internship should last for 450 h (e.g 3 month / about 37,5 hours per week). 

If you are, or have already been, working in an organisation in the human rights field or other field related to the IHL programme, it may be possible for this to be accredited as equivalent to the required internship. (Please note: The final determination of equivalence will be made by the IHL Academic Board. Such a determination is not, however, the final satisfaction of the internship requirement: it is also necessary in such cases to submit both the ‘Internship ― Student Report’ and the ‘Internship — Supervisor Report’ as required in all cases under § 27 Examinations Regulations.)

According to the IHL Degree Regulations § 22, students in the Master’s Programme must undertake an internship in the third semester. The internship should last for 450 h (e.g 3 month / about 37,5 hours per week).

It is the responsibility of each student to plan and organise a suitable internship. The IHL administration will assist in whatever it can, especially by providing letters of support. To be able to help you satisfy the internship requirement and in particular to make necessary arrangements in good time, we request you to provide us with the following information. (Note: each internship placement must be formally approved in writing by the IHL Academic Board in advance. For this, you must complete an Application for IHL Internship Approval, available from the IHL website.)

According to the IHL Degree Regulations § 22, students in the IHL Master’s Programme must undertake an internship (normally during the third semester). The internship must relate to the subject matter of the Master’s program. It is the responsibility of each student to plan, organise, and carry out a suitable internship. Previous work or other experience may, on application, be recognized the Academic Board for the purpose of satisfying the requirement (in advance of submitting this report).

Under § 27(2)(c) Examination Regulations the student must provide a report on the internship (whenever conducted) after it has been completed, reporting in particular on one or more projects specifically relating to the IHL program and carried out within the framework of the approved internship. The Student Report should provide sufficient factual and analytical information to allow the Examinations Board to determine that the internship requirement has been satisfied.

This form should be used for the Student Report. All sections should be completed by the student. Before submitting it to the Master’s Office. the completed form should be shown to the responsible official or staff member (the ‘internship supervisor’) of the organization where the internship was conducted of the internship and be counter-signed by them. (If you have reasons for making a confidential Student Report, please contact the Master’s Office.)  

Under § 27(2)(d) Examination Regulations, the student must also submit a written and substantially informative evaluation of the student’s performance during the internship written and signed by the internship supervisor. That supervisor’s report should be provided on the ‘Internship — Supervisor’s Report’ form (available separately). (If the internship supervisor wishes to make that report confidential, he or she should contact the Master’s Office.)

In accordance with §28 Study and Examination Regulation, a studentof the Master's Program has to write a master thesis to obtain the Master's Degree (LL.M)


1. Upload all diplomas and transcripts of your degrees. They must be adjusted into one PDF file. Do not upload only a Master degree diploma and transcript, please upload your Bachelor's degree diploma and transcript as well.
2. Provide a certified translation of your diplomas and transcripts, if they are not in the English language.
3. Title your file in accordance with content, for example, "Diploma_Transcripts", "CV", "English Proficiency", "Practical Experience Statement", "Photo_Name", "Passport_Name"
4. Reference letters must be signed and sent by your referee.

The application deadline for the Summer Semester class is March 1, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. CET for all applications (deadline is extended)

Prospective students should have adequate aptitude in English, both spoken and written, to be able to read academic literature, write academic papers, and engage competently in academic discourse; this can be satisfied by:

  • a test result of at least 93 in TOEFL IBT, 180 Cambridge Advanced Certificate (C1) or IELTS grade of at least average 7, but no less 6,5 for each component; or
  • school education in English of at least four years’ duration; or
  • equivalent evidence, e.g. school education, studies, or professional career in English.

German language proficiency is not required to take part in the program

Confirming your application status

After you submit your online application, our staff will download these materials and assemble your application file. Due to the large volume of applications received, this process generally takes 2 weeks. After that time, our staff will email you to confirm that your application is complete.

Receiving your admission results

The Admission Board will begin reviewing an application after all of its corresponding supporting documentation has been received. Admission results will be announced on a rolling basis from late November through March. Applicants will receive an email from Prof Gerard Rowe, a chair of the Academic Board, informing applicants of the Admission Board's decision as soon as it is made. An official invitation will follow as soon as the financial department of the University confirms the payment of a tuition fee.  

If you faced technical problems

If you experience any technical problems using the LL.M. Program application, you may email app-master-ihl@europa-uni.de for assistance.

23rd Summer Course

The European System of Human Rights Protection

Viadrina European University Frankfurt (Oder), Germany Online, July 4-15 2022

― Applications are now open ― 

Deadline for Applications

Applications must be submitted by 30 April 2022 (for both external and Viadrina students) 

Application Documents

Please submit:

  • online application form (filled out completely) via Submittable (see the ‘Apply’ button, this page)

Upload the following documents as either .jpeg or .pdf:

  • curriculum vitae (CV) (max 2 pages)
  • statement of reasons and motivation (max 1 page)
  • letter of recommendation (signed personally by a professor who has taught you)
  • proof of English language competence (for non-native speakers)

After you submit your online application and upload all documents, we will email you confirming that your application file is complete.

Please upload the documents in .jpeg or .pdf format. Please fill in the online form completely.

After you submit your online application, our staff will download these materials and assemble your application file. Our staff will e-mail you to confirm if your application is complete. 


The total fee for the program is 490 € unless you receive a scholarship. This charge includes

  • full tuition costs
  • accommodation for the full period of the program (13 nights accommodation)
  • all meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) Monday-Friday throughout both weeks of the program
  • a free-time program

Each participant must meet the cost of travel to and from Frankfurt (Oder). Students can apply for a scholarship, which will be offered by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). 


You can apply for a scholarship for part or all of the fee (funded by the German Academic Exchange Service/DAAD)
Scholarship are for students who have financial difficulty paying the enrollment fee.
If you have a good reason to receive a scholarship, upload the following with your other documents:

  • signed statement of financial (or other) reasons for claiming a scholarship (max 1 page) 

We will inform you about the scholarship once we have agreed to enroll you in the Summer Course.

Technical Problems 

If you experience any technical problems using the Summer Course application, you may email jursok@europa-uni.de for assistance. Find additional information under http://www.rewi.europa-uni.de/hrcourse.

LL.M. International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law